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What About Connaissance Impact

Connaissance Impact was established in 2013 primarily to partner with companies and their products/services. Also to provide a qualitative assistance in ensuring growth, knowledge and services to businesses


We value our clients and go out of our way to take good care of them. We strive to know their needs, what they wanted, when, where and how. As with our new & existing clients, we follow with every task/ conversation to make them a success.


Connaissance Impact as a reliable partner always pushes for outstanding performance & process management. This makes collaboration with our clients produces confidence on both sides. We apply high availability strategy in all we do.


At Connaissance Impact, we proactively maintain relationships with our clients; Providing values not only to our clients but employees as well. We improvise and optimize on every potentials that we have critically putting resourcefulness to action.


In all our business operations, we embrace a next-generation platform – using a systematic approach to build systemic capability. Our company and staff are built on innovation-power-train; they are taught to think innovations.


Buy peace of mind with your business through us; we help you take care of your worries and let you focus on another issue. We are always on time, do what we promise to do and consistently play our part in making your business a success.


Our business network is not limited to a nation or region, a language or currency – we collaborate with partners all over the world. We equip ourselves with country-specific business practices, compliance and policies, irregardless of your time zone.

What we do

Outstanding services is what we pride in. We partner with you to achieve your aim, employing strategic but resourceful path. We provide a tasteful services enriched with modern models of business practices.

Business Partnership

We partner with existing and new companies globally to distribute, market and service their products and services. We offer expert-driven advise with the aim of reaching the target markets and consumers. We assure you of satisfaction.

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IT Consulting & Web Design

We train and advise companies on Information Technology. We assist firms with application sourcing as well as expert sourcing. We produce customized, cutting edge, but affordable web design for coy of all industries and of any sizes

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With our experienced staff, we invest into agriculture and its related businesses. We also partner with other firms involved in commercial farming helping with farm production, processing and distribution.

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Resource Procurement

We assist clients in intelligently finding the right resources, negotiates and procure the materials or resources. From IT equipment to industrial and personal, we help out & deliver. We equally assist with the shipment.

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Let us work with you today, giving life to your ideas and transforming it to a real business

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Hear What Clients and Partners Are Saying About Us

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Harris Consult

It was a great privilege working with Connaissance Impact. They are equipped with outstanding performance. Will patronize you over and over again........

Our Team

At Connaissance Impact, we are endowed with dynamic individuals as key stakeholders focused on building our company. These individuals are dedicated team player with great passion, ideas and energy in their respective area of expertise.

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